The Avanti Pegasus Service Lift

The rack & pinion Pegasus service lift from Avanti delivers a high level of safety for technicians working in wind turbines.
It can be used during construction and commissioning of the wind turbine tower.
The service lift may be used to transport two or three people plus their tools and equipment to work at the most convenient height on the tower.
The Pegasus lift is guided by the ladder and features a travelling cable system.
The Avanti Pegasus lift is manufactured with sea-water resistant aluminium and also uses hot dip galvanized steel (painted) together with high quality components.

Benefits of the Avanti Rack & Pinion Service Lift



Eficient Solution

Send/call control mode available for offshore installations.


High safety and easy evacuation

The evacuation option both via the top and bottom hatch is a safe and easy evacuation option for technicians working in wind turbines.


Cost effective

The lift can be used already during construction of the towers.


Safe operation

The lift only moves when all doors are closed. The lift is operated with a hold to run control. Safe operation of the lift is our highest priority.


Available in 2 sizes

Available in 2 sizes and capacities: 2/3 persons and 250/300kg rated load.

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