The Avanti Octopus Lift

The ladder guided lift from Avanti Wind Systems ensures that the lift cabin does not sway when travelling. Smooth movements are ensured while travelling up the tower. The system uses the existing safety ladder system to guide its travel path.

Stay Safe with the Avanti Octopus Service Lift

Complete Safety

Safe and easy evacuation to the ladder. The lift stops when bottom obstruction device hits a person, even without power supply.

Better stability and comfort during travelling

Better feeling of stability during travel for the user.
Better comfort for the user.
More space available for the user in the cabin.

Less manpower

Less manpower needed at Tower Factory and on site to make installation and final adjustments. Light ladder.

Cost effective safety ladder Systems

Less space needed in the tower for lift+ladder (synergies).
More economical aluminium ladder.

  • The Avanti Octopus service lift is delivered with the high-quality Avanti traction system.     
  • Available in several sizes and capacities, can take up to 3 people with a load capacity up to 300 kg.
  • Safe Evacuation to ladder with additional door. The technician does not need to get out of the lift to access the ladder.
  • Can be installed in the factory of tower manufactures.
  • Offshore installations- send/call control from platforms and traveling cable ensuring stability and easy operation for technicians working in wind turbine towers.
  • Bottom obstruction device stops the lift even without power supply in case a person is climbing the ladder while the lift is descending.
  • External pendant control to move the lift and rescue an unconscious person in the cabin.
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