Avanti E-Learning provided by Alimak Service

Alimak Service is a global leader in vertical access service solutions. They provide a full range of service, parts and training solutions, delivered by a global service support network across 100 countries.

Alimak Service offers high-quality Avanti training solutions to provide added value for Avanti customers. By utilising both in-classroom and online formats, Alimak Service delivers a range of safety and product training certificates to support the safe and competent use of Avanti products.

Avanti Service Lift Model L/XL/02 SWP

This online course is required for anyone operating the Avanti SWP wind turbine service lift. This course covers the componentry of the lift, as well as guidance on how to inspect and operate it.

Here you can download a flyer >>>>

Avanti Service Lift Model Dolphin / Beluga

Mandatory for anyone operating the Avanti Service Lift Model Dolphin/ Beluga, this online course covers the key components of the lift as well as inspections, operation and emergency procedures in the case of a breakdown.

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Avanti Service Lift Model Shark L 02

This course is available online and should be completed prior to operation of a Shark L 02 wind turbine service lift model. This course covers the use of a service lift in normal and power outage conditions.

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