The Avanti Climb Assistance

The Climb Assistance system developed by Avanti Wind Systems makes it easier for technicians to climb up and down the ladders inside wind turbines. It must always be installed together with a fall protection system. 

How does it work?

In simple terms – as an endless rope running from the bottom to the top of the tower. It is connected to a motor at the base of the tower, where the technician can adjust the pulling force within the range of 30kg (66lb) and 40kg (88lb). When the technician links to Avanti Climb Assistance with a hook and gently pulls the rope, the user will be relieved of the chosen number of kilos. The Climb Assistance pulls constantly with a force fitted to the chosen number of kilos making it easier for the technician to climb the ladder. If the technician stops climbing, the system stops too starting again after a gentle pull at the rope. It is up to the user whether he wants to climb slowly or quickly.

 Avanti Climb Assistance – The Easy Climb

Easy to use and install

  • Force Technology has approved the simultaneous use of Avanti Wind Systems’ Fall Protection System, during use of Avanti Climb Assistance.

Increased safety for the user

  • By reducing the body weight by 30kg (66lb) – 40kg (88lb) the Avanti Climb Assistance reduces the risk of injuries to technicians’ knees, arms, shoulders and feet.
  • Better safety for the user, no need to use one hand to start or stop, so the user is always properly secured to the safety ladder.

Time saving

  • Time saving, as there is no need to resend the attaching point to the next user as the user can attach his/her harness to the rope at any point- Rope in close loop.


  • The climb assistance can be installed in both new and older turbines.
  • Customers can enjoy the benefits of our CA VI and CA VII even if their ladder is not an Avanti Ladder.
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