The Global Partner for Safe Work in Wind Turbines

Since its establishment in 1885 over 30,000 service lifts have been installed globally, more than 10,000 tower internals and more than 15,000 service technicians working in the wind industry have been trained and educated in safety by Avanti Wind Systems. Avanti has established offices and production facilities on a global scale in order to ensure that we are present in the markets where the wind is blowing and where our customers require our vast experience and expertise.

Our focus is Crystal Clear:

“Through high quality safety products and solutions for wind turbine towers we help our customers make wind energy cost competitive”

From Safety Ladders to complete Tower Internals for Wind Turbines

Avanti was founded in 1885 as a ladder factory in a backyard in Denmark’s capital city Copenhagen. Operations first started back in 1885 with the production of wooden ladders, making Avanti a pioneer in ladders manufactured from laminated wooden profiles. Today, Avanti still supplies wooden ladders but also a wide range of fibre-glass and aluminium ladders, tower internals, platforms right down to small brackets and other small galvanised steel parts. Today, the company is a global, full-line supplier of products, solutions and training courses for safe work in wind turbines.

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